Now that most automakers have moved from standard sized vans to mid-sized and high top van models, the ladder rack industry has searched for the best way to load ladders onto such a high vehicle without slamming the ladder on the back of the van.  TUFF RACKS has a solution for that!  We have customized […]


Tuff Racks Update For New Vehicles After years of producing one of the most popular minivans, the Astro, Chevrolet is producing its next generation of minivans called the City Express.  Chevrolet was out of the market for many years.  Soon the auto producers like Nissan and Ford started introducing the Nissan NV 200 and the […]

Plumbers, Keep Water Pipes In A Row

Select a Roof or Ladder Rack that is for a Specific Vehicle When a plumbing business selects a ladder or roof rack for vehicles such as vans, their choice needs to be durable serve for many uses. The team at Tuff Racks manufacture sturdy ladder racks on location in Fort Myers, Fla., to fit on […]

Why Add a Ladder Rack to Your AC Repair Van?

Why Add a Ladder Rack to Your Air Conditioning Repair Truck

Anyone who runs an AC repair company or works for an AC repair company knows that time is money, the sooner your customer is comfortable again, the happier they’ll be. If there is not enough storage space in the van or the van is overloaded, there could be delays getting to a customer on time. […]

Rack them up!

Rack them up!

Needed For Many Businesses Many trucks and vans have roof mounted ladder racks. These tough and durable frames support hundreds of pounds and enable safe transport of ladders that are critical to a number of businesses such as roofing and tree service. They can also carry parts, supplies, and equipment which cannot fit inside smaller […]

Ladder Safety: Right On The Rack

Ladder Safety Right On The Rack

Ladder racks are extremely useful tools. They convert a vehicle into a safe, effective ladder transport system. They save interior space and make a place for long and over-sized items. They are useful for businesses or other users who frequently move ladders and other large or long items from place to place, such as roofers, […]

What Customers Must Know When Selecting a Ladder Rack for a Truck or Van


Sturdy Ladder Racks If you require a ladder rack for a truck or van, then it is vital to buy a product that is sturdy and long lasting. At Tuff Racks in Fort Myers, Florida, we specialize in manufacturing steel or aluminum ladder racks suitable for trucks or vans produced by various vehicle manufacturers. Companies […]

Ladder Rack Maximum Load Capacity

Transit van with ladders on top

Installing a ladder rack on a vehicle is a very good idea but merely installing the rack is not the end of your responsibilities. You most certainly have to know what is the maximum amount of weight the ladder rack can carry. Aluminum ladder racks sometimes serve purposes that go beyond the obvious. Obviously, the […]

Who Needs a Ladder Rack?


A ladder rack is an accessory that makes it easier to transport ladders, both large and small, to a job site. For many small business owners, it isn’t practical to buy a van that is large enough to store a ladder inside of it, and renting storage space may not be cost effective for a […]

Benefits of Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Nissan NV aluminum ladder rack system

When compared to other types of material, aluminum and stainless steel have quite a few more advantages. The four most beneficial aspects gained from using ladder racks made from these materials include: • Durability • Weight • Cost • Flammability Maintenance Benefits There literally is no maintenance required for the upkeep up stainless steel and […]