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Tuff Racks Update For New Vehicles

After years of producing one of the most popular minivans, the Astro, Chevrolet is producing its next generation of minivans called the City Express.  Chevrolet was out of the market for many years.  Soon the auto producers like Nissan and Ford started introducing the Nissan NV 200 and the Ford Transit Connect.  Now Chevy is again competing for commercial business in the smaller van industry.  Smaller commercial vans have become commonplace as an important tool in so many businesses these days who need to cut costs in automobile expenses.  Many small businesses such as florists, dry cleaners, delivery services, pest control and even some in the health care industry are choosing to purchase these smaller vehicles.  With many of these businesses, ladder racks have become a necessary tool even on these smaller vans as many businesses need to carry cargo, like ladder racks, etc. to their job sites.  And as always, Tuff Racks has now designed an aluminum ladder rack to fit like a glove on these new vehicles.  We have designed rails to mount these racks on for the smaller vans as the gutter mounted ladder racks are now becoming obsolete.

Ladder Rack Solution For The City Express

So if you’re looking for the perfect aluminum ladder rack for your Ford Transit Connect, Nissan NV, Chevrolet City Express, check out our Tuff Racks ladder rack.  Our ladder racks are easy to install, and our customer techs are always available Monday through Friday from eight to five eastern time should you have any questions.  You can check out our website for additional products we offer for these aluminum racks, such as ladder stops.  In addition, we have new roller bars in stock for the high-top vans.  This makes it easier to unload the ladder rack without purchasing the costly drop-down ladder racks that are available on the market.  After 20 years, Tuff Racks is still manufacturing the most well-made ladder rack on the market to carry the tools and equipment you need to perform your jobs efficiently.

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city express ladder rack
We make custom City Express ladder rack kits.

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