Why Add a Ladder Rack to Your Air Conditioning Repair Truck

Why Add a Ladder Rack to Your AC Repair Van?

Anyone who runs an AC repair company or works for an AC repair company knows that time is money, the sooner your customer is comfortable again, the happier they’ll be. If there is not enough storage space in the van or the van is overloaded, there could be delays getting to a customer on time. Fortunately, a ladder rack can provide extra space and possibly enable the use of a smaller van that is better on gas.

Put Larger Items on the Rack

If you have ever attempted to move from one house to another, you know that the hardest thing about moving is what to do with irregularly shaped objects. It creates a situation where you might have to hire a mover or rent a truck instead of putting everything in your car. This costs money, and it can be inconvenient as well. The same issue can arise for AC repair professionals who may need to carry a ladder, a larger tool kit or other oddly shaped or larger items. By putting those items on top of the van, they can use smaller vans as well as fewer.

Provide Better Service Throughout the Year

While many AC service calls are made during the summer, some people like to have their unit serviced during the spring or fall months. This may be done to ensure that they will work during the upcoming summer or did not suffer any damage during the most recent summer. During the spring, fall or winter months, the weather may be unpredictable and the roads may not always be the best. By keeping equipment outside of the van, a driver has better sight lines and can better adjust to changing road conditions. The result is a driver who can get to his or her destination quicker and offer better service.

Save Money for Your Company

Spending less time on the road saves money on gas and maintenance in addition to making customers happy. Fewer miles put on tires and brakes means that they will last longer without the need for repair. Less weight or having weight distributed in an optimized manner in the van could increase gas mileage and result in fewer trips to the gas pump. Whether you run your own company or work for another company, saving money is always in everyone’s professional best interest.

There are plenty of reasons to get a ladder rack for your AC repair van. By having extra space on the van, it enables you to take whatever you need without having to sacrifice space or create dangerous conditions for yourself or others on the road. Instead, you can just secure what you need on your van’s roof and have it ready to go whenever you need it.

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