What Customers Must Know When Selecting a Ladder Rack for a Truck or Van

Sturdy Ladder Racks

If you require a ladder rack for a truck or van, then it is vital to buy a product that is sturdy and long lasting. At Tuff Racks in Fort Myers, Florida, we specialize in manufacturing steel or aluminum ladder racks suitable for trucks or vans produced by various vehicle manufacturers. Companies using a van or truck to carry equipment to job sites need an easy to access ladder rack that is simple to use several times a day. The ladders used for your business are expensive pieces of equipment that require specialized care to avoid damage.

Transport Ladders Safely

Tuff Racks are made in the United States at our Florida location to ensure our customers receive the highest quality product meant to hold and safely transport ladders for short or long distances. Attempting to transport heavy ladders on a pickup truck or service van by using bungee cords or ropes is dangerous and often illegal. Ladders are heavy pieces of equipment that can cause property or vehicle damage when the items shift or move. A sudden stop while driving with a poorly attached ladder can lead to serious personal injury or death due to it flying off the vehicle.

Different Rack Styles

The experts at Tuff Racks are able to assist customers to select the proper ladder rack for their vehicle model and size. We know how to choose the correct ladder rack for General Motor, Nissan, and Ford vehicles to hold equipment securely at high speeds on smooth highways or slow speeds on rough country roads. To determine the best ladder rack for your needs, we gather information concerning the weight and length of the devices. Customers can choose between ladder racks that attach permanently or temporarily that are suitable for their business’s needs.

Aluminum or Steel

Our customers can purchase durable steel or aluminum ladder racks with different configurations, features, and price points. Steel ladder racks are typically more expensive while also being heavier, making the devices more suitable as permanent attachments. A steel rack is less likely to rust from rough weather conditions in the autumn and winter. Choosing a steel ladder rack requires having a sturdy vehicle that can withstand the heavier weight of this metal. Alternatively, an aluminum ladder rack is lightweight, making it easier for our customers to lift and carry when it is needed on a temporary basis.

Prevent Ladder Damage

There are many types of ladder racks to choose from, including ones that will attach to the outside or inside of a vehicle. It is important for customers to think carefully about the style of ladder rack they require for their business. A ladder rack is a perfect way to keep equipment organized inside a vehicle to prevent damage or breakage. Depending on the type of ladder stored, it can require a lot of space. Ladders are expensive pieces of equipment that need undamaged steps and attachments to prevent injuries when workers climb to inspect roofs or paint walls.

Choose Mounting Systems

Customers can choose cap ladder racks that are often placed on the top or bed of a vehicle to leave space for other equipment or supplies. These racks are more difficult for people to access while requiring a lot of manual strength and dexterity to store and retrieve ladders. A side ladder rack is attached to the bed or side of a vehicle, making it easy for someone to access ladders from outside. Customers also must decide whether they want to use permanent or temporary mounting systems to install a ladder rack to a vehicle.


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