Plumbers, Keep Water Pipes In A Row

Select a Roof or Ladder Rack that is for a Specific Vehicle

When a plumbing business selects a ladder or roof rack for vehicles such as vans, their choice needs to be durable serve for many uses. The team at Tuff Racks manufacture sturdy ladder racks on location in Fort Myers, Fla., to fit on specific vehicle brands such as Ford, General Motor or Nissan. This means the ladder rack meets the specifications required for each variety of van or truck to ensure it remains safely on the vehicle while it is in motion. In addition to holding a wood, steel or aluminum ladder in place to provide free space inside a vehicle, the devices are suitable for holding other materials required by plumbers working at residential and commercial properties.

Save Money with a Smaller and More Energy Efficient Vehicle

While a plumber may need an adjustable ladder occasionally to reach certain locations in a building, a rack on their service truck or van can also hold large sections of pipes securely to prevent damage. Of course, a plumber should use specialized ties to hold the water pipes in place to prevent them from shifting along a busy highway. By using a ladder rack to hold new pipes to take to a house or building for installation, a plumbing company can use a smaller and more energy efficient vehicle. The interior of a van with a ladder rack has more free space to hold fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.

Complete Emergency and Routine Service Calls Faster with a Ladder Rack

Plumbers are often rushing from job site to job site, especially for emergency service calls that require fast access to piping materials. When a plumber places a metal or polyvinyl chloride pipes on a ladder rack, they can arrange the items by length and dimension to make particular sizes easier to find. Pipes held securely in ladder rack clasps and ties are less likely to develop breakage or dents that make the pipes unusable. A ladder rack that holds pipes and tubing increases a plumbing business’s profits by avoiding losses caused by defective replacement parts and time-consuming service calls.

Ladder Racks Provide a Versatile Storage System for Plumbers

Organization of expensive tools, parts and fixtures is a vital part of ensuring a plumbing business offers fast and efficient services at commercial and residential properties. Plumbing companies ordering ladder racks from Tuff Racks can talk to the knowledgeable salespeople about how the equipment is used to hold pipes with sturdy tie-down attachments. Ordering brackets to hold different sizes of pipes provides additional protection for the devices along with making it simpler to organize before arriving at a job site. Contact Tuff Racks today to learn how versatile a ladder rack and attachment accessories are on the top of a plumbing company’s service van.

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