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The Many Reasons to Use Aluminum Ladder Racks

For those who spend large amounts of time traveling around in work trucks and vans, there is nothing more beneficial than an aluminum ladder rack. They tend to be about 1/3 the weight when compared to steel ladders, meaning they don’t cause a weight burden to the vehicle they are installed on. In addition, because they are rust-free, this means they have a longer life.

Increase Cargo Space

When it comes to getting the most out of a work day, van drivers will want the ability to store as much stuff as they can inside of their vans. Aluminum ladder racks can accommodate this because they increase the cargo space found in a van. The ladders themselves can be stored on the sides and/or top of the van, meaning there will be much room inside to store work items and products.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

When ladder racks are properly installed on a van, this helps to reduce the risk of injury to those who are using them. Why is this? For starters, the ease of being able to quickly pull down a ladder, pipes and other equipment reduces risk. Furthermore, because these don’t have to be stored inside of the van, this helps minimize injuries when opening the door and having equipment fall out.

Extend the Life of Ladders and Other Equipment

Ladders are expensive. The more they get beat and banged up, the shorter the life they have. All van drivers will do well to use aluminum ladder racks as this will help in making sure the ladders are properly stored on the van. Whether it be loading the ladders, transporting them or taking them down, ladder racks make the process easier and help to reduce damage to the ladders, or any other equipment.

Never Too Long

Many industries use equipment that is too long to fit inside most conventional vans. Besides ladders, anything from pipes to fishing rods may be more safely and conveniently stored on the roof of a van. Equipment that is longer than the van can get damaged and bent if you try to force it inside the van, whereas on the roof a few extra inches won’t require you to leave any doors open.

No matter the line of work a person is in, it is always advantageous to use aluminum ladder racks on a van. From increasing cargo space to extending the longevity of ladders, ladder racks can prove beneficial for a number of reasons. Most importantly, they can help reduce injuries that are often associated with storing equipment in a van that doesn’t fit.

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