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5 Leading Utility Vans

Not all utility vans are created equal. The models reviewed below are all popular work vans, and some of them double as passenger vans. Although all of them are dependable and built well, you might want to check out the pros and cons of each to help you decide which features you can live without, or which factors you insist on having when you get a new utility van. Listed below are five of the leading utility vans on the road that are popular with van owners.

1. Ford Transit

This one gets overall high marks from consumers for its gas mileage, dependability, easy handling, and roomy interior. Most small contractors find it more than adequate for the job. The biggest downside to the Ford Transit, according to their owners, is the uncomfortable seats.

2. Ford E-Series (Econoline 150, 250, & 350)

The E series vans are great for heavy-duty hauling. They have heavy-duty engines as well and very roomy interiors. Customers appreciate the wide selection of customization options. No matter how you look at it, these vans are simply workhorses; they aren’t much to look at, but they get the job done. On the other hand, there are a lot of upgrades that make them a comfortable ride: upholstered captain’s chairs, power accessories, stereo system with six speakers, and rear view cameras to name a few.

3. GM Full Size Vans

These vans do double duty—they can carry up to eight passengers or they can be used strictly as cargo vans. Generally speaking, GM vans, despite some recent recalls, are still reputable and reliable. They are also far more visually appealing than the Ford E-series vans.

4. Sprinter Vans

Manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, these are the top of the line. Pricey, yes, but you get quality, rugged construction, and a solid reputation. They have higher roofs than any American made van and they are exceedingly spacious and highly maneuverable. The diesel-powered engine means a better fuel economy, too, which along with the quality construction, offsets the price somewhat. On the downside, they don’t have great towing capabilities.

5. Nissan NVs

Six years in the development stage, the Nissan NVs are well-designed with extra legroom as well as cargo space, including extra storage space underneath the seats. Nissan combined design elements of traditional pick-up trucks with design elements of traditional vans and came up with a very appealing workhorse van. Gas mileage isn’t great, and the power locks have been an issue, but overall, a good working van for the money.

Without a doubt, all of these vans are reliable and can accommodate your work materials. If you use ladders or pipes for your business, you can add a ladder rack to your utility van. You can check online to find what you need. Here at Tuff Racks, we make heavy duty quality ladder racks that will fit any of these vans.

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